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Shaving Bar

Plastic-free Aloe Vera & Cooling Mint Shaving Soap Bar combines cooling mint extract with soothing aloe vera to create an uplifting and revitalising shaving experience for men and women. Bars last 6-12 months.

Unisex Safety Razors

Eco-friendly safety razor for women or men with a natural jute travel bag. Precision engineered to provide a smooth and comfortable zero waste shaving experience. Blades sold separately.

Zero Waste Soap Set

Wonderful gift set for Mom, Dad, or Graduate! Zero Waste, plastic free starter kits with amazing scents for any bathroom.

Rainbow Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless steel straws by Jungle Straws are made using FDA and SGS approved stainless steel. Metal straws are a stylish replacement for single-use plastic straws.

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  • Bamboo Cotton Buds | Eco Cotton Ear Swabs (200 Pieces)

  • Shaving Soap Bar – Zero Waste Solid Shaving Cream, Gel, Foam

  • Unisex Safety Razor for Women or Men – Plastic Free Razors

  • Bamboo Safety Razor – Unisex Eco-Friendly Razors, Zero Waste


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Making Sustainability Accessible and Convenient

Providing an atmosphere that allows people to:

RECYCLE uncommon items
REPURPOSE furniture, clothing, and other products
REUSE materials, containers, and products in daily living
REVITALIZE the environment by reducing household waste one customer at a time
REINVIGORATE beauty and health through affordable solutions
REINFORCE clean living with minimal to zero waste

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