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While planning out a major trip, it is unsure of zero waste toiletries to pack. This collection of environmentally friendly travel products helps in spending less time packing and more time daydreaming about the next journey.

A simple method to live more sustainably is to undertake study before purchasing stuff, rather than purchasing products that are unlikeable and then discarding them.

However, there is a list of starting points for a low-waste travel packing list.

Reusable Face Rounds

Be sure to add some reusable face rounds, zero waste, and makeup remover. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly. They are the ideal thing to carry around.

Four layers of soft flannel make up the reusable facial rounds. They’re gentle to the touch and become more absorbent with each wash. Perfect for facial scrubs, sensitive enough to remove mascara, and a great alternative to cotton balls! They come in 3-inch circles and are generously sized.

Jungles Culture Range Soap/ Zero Waste Shaving Cream, Gel, Foam

These are some of the crucial essentials while being on tour. They are essential for keeping up the grooming game altogether. Natural solid shaving soap bars are handcrafted by artisan soap manufacturers in Vietnam. The shaving cream bars combine locally obtained organic coconut oil with high-quality essential oils to create a delightful shaving bar that is gentle on both the skin and the environment.

Zero Waste Toothbrush

It is compulsory to change the toothbrush so frequently, that a lot of plastic ends up in landfills! After traveling, I also prefer to change my toothbrush, which results in even more waste.

Bath Brush With Tulle Net

It is one of the easiest items to carry, which is helpful during bath time. Bath brush with a handle made of synthetic mesh When washing or bathing, it’s ideal for spreading soap foam. Tulle brushes come on a cotton cord and come in a variety of colors.

Go Toob

Gone are the days of cracking and spilling small plastic travel bottles all over the place.

Go toobs will be the new travel best friend which gives the perks of loading them with all the other items, and they won’t spill! They’re constructed of silicone and are designed to last.

Reusable Straw

When getting a drink in a plastic cup, it feels a bit silly to use a plastic straw. These days, there are so many different reusable straws to pick from. Bamboo, stainless steel, glass, and silicone are all options for reusable straws! 

Jungle Culture’s Bamboo Cotton Buds

The bamboo cotton buds are an eco-friendly and plastic-free alternative to regular q-tips. The robust wooden stems are wrapped in 100% organic cotton on both ends and packaged in a circular, zero-waste tub made from recycled kraft paper. The bamboo cotton swabs are great for cleaning the ears or removing makeup.

Zero Waste Travel Mug

For zero-waste travel, travel mugs are a must! Depending on going anywhere, some establishments will allow bringing a cup. However, some cafes would not allow this due to hygienic concerns.

Zero Waste Travel Cutlery

It can be always found it in kitchen cutlery, but if wanting to set it up to keep in the suitcase, this is a perfect choice!

Bringing one’s own cutlery is a simple and effective approach to reducing plastic usage when traveling and having functional utensils.

Comfortable Bag Pack

The most suitable choice is to use whatever option of luggage is available. Either be it’s duffel bags, tote bags, backpacks, and toiletry bags.

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