Apple Chamomile Baby Soap Bar


Our organic baby soap bars are made up of organic ingredients and are packed with vitamins and minerals that safely cleanse a baby’s sensitive and soft skin. Our soap bars bring kind cleanliness.

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Extra gentle and soothing just like mama’s voice this milk and baby soap bar is perfect for little ones with sensitive or dry skin. It is great for adults, too. or those precious moments between baby and parent, we believe that only natural ingredients should touch a baby’s delicate skin. Our natural baby soap is specially formulated for babies and children.

Our natural baby soap is the perfect marriage of goat milk, organic oat flour, and honey. Extra gentle, unscented, and moisturizing, our natural baby soap is a soothing choice for babies and those with sensitive or dry skin and irritated skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Bath time provides special bonding time between baby and parent. While bathing, use your fingertips to gently stroke and massage your baby’s arms, legs, tummy, and back. A gentle bath and massage before bedtime can help calm and soothe your baby for a good night’s rest


  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Free from synthetic fragrances
  • Colorants
  • Preservatives and raw materials derived from mineral oils.
  • Dermatologically tested.

For hydration and the best lather, the soap also includes a generous amount of nourishing organic kinds of butter and oils. Because fragrance is known to irritate the skin of people with highly sensitive skin, this natural soap is free of it.

Our soaps are made the traditional way, by blending the ingredients and then passing them through heavy steel rollers three times in order to create a rich, long-lasting bar. In addition to a pure vegetable base and natural fragrances, they feature shea butter, a healing and nourishing oil rich in vitamins A and E. This natural, organic and eco-friendly soap which has been prized for its restorative and nourishing properties is an attractive, unique product especially for ‘Green Marketers’ and ‘Green Consumers.’
Since our soaps are all natural and handmade, there may be slight differences in color when exposed to cold and hot weather.

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