Bamboo Safety Razor – Unisex Eco-Friendly Razors, Zero Waste


Attain a closer, smoother, more professional shave without any irritation or ingrown hairs with the double-edged bamboo safety razor. Made with high-quality bamboo and stainless steel, this is perfect for every household.

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Our high-quality bamboo safety razor has features like:

Closer shave – Our safety razor gives a perfect shave, leaving your skin looking smoother. The comb head prevents clogging of hair which results in razor burns, skin irritation, or ingrown hair. The sturdy handle has enough weight to keep the shaving close to the skin with the additional benefit of the non-slip texture for extra grip.

Great value– It is a great value product for your money, its durability and classic design will last forever in your bathroom. The necessary replacement blades are so inexpensive to purchase that they provide a much more cost-effective option than any plastic replacements, which is wonderful for your wallet.

Timeless design– Our safety Razor is durable, built with hardwearing materials that can last a lifetime. Its compact and elegant shape is effective at shaving and its longevity is a pillar of sustainability.

Eco-friendly– Choosing a safety razor for sustainable shaving is a great alternative to Plastic. Most of the plastic razors will end up in the oceans, creating additional pollution to our planet. Changing for durability over a throwaway culture is one step towards a better self and a better planet.

Perfect balance– Between an environmentally friendly lifestyle and its functionality as a stylish and timeless beauty product. The razor looks stunning in the bathroom and can also be a great gift for those who prefer to choose great design, longevity, and quality products.

With our bamboo safety razor, you will get many advantages like:

  • Aloe Comfort Strip helps protect skin from irritation.
  • It is sustainable as in its sleek handle made from bamboo –a renewable source capable of growing fast and strong without damaging the environment.
  • Sturdy bamboo handle is stronger than wood.
  • Flexible blades contour to the curves of your unique face and head.
  • Blades made from recycled steel.

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