Spruce Cedar Soap Bar

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Olive and coconut saponified oils are used to create our cedar soap bar. Freshly ground cedar leaf and essential oils of cedar leaf and bark give this product a lovely aroma and texture.

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This handmade cedar soap bar is beautifully scented and textured with fresh ground cedar sprigs, cedar leaf & bark. It gently exfoliates and moisturizes. We use age-old techniques combining the finest botanical oils with pure essential oils and fragrance blends to create our award-winning, all-natural, handmade soap, complimentary candles & body care products.

  • Soap for Acne: Hand Crafted Cedarwood Bar Soap with saponified oils of olive, coconut and scented with all-natural cedar oil to cleanse the skin and help to prevent acne.
  • Save Money and Environment: Our giant cedar soap bars are cost-effective and eco-friendly; it is better value and eliminate wasteful plastic packaging.
  • Vegan natural ingredients from farm to factory: Includes no chemicals or synthetic fragrances that often irritate sensitive skin.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: with our soaps made with the best quality and organic ingredients satisfaction is a must.

Slightly woody, and slightly floral, this bar has a scent combination that is perfect for both men and women. Made in small batches with these high-quality ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide, and fragrance. Our Cedar Soap BarĀ is a delightful smelling soap with a robust lather.
This bar has added coconut milk for its moisturizing ability and activated bamboo charcoal for its cleansing ability. Our cold processed soaps are an all-natural blend of coconut, palm, and pure olive oil, locally grown and pressed camelina oil. This bar is formulated as an extremely moisturizing and cleansing soap. Keep our handmade soap away from direct streams of water to extend its shelf life. Until usage, keep in a cool, dark cabinet. Made by hand with ingredients you can pronounce, spell, and enjoy smelling. Goat’s milk, a popular ingredient, is a naturally homogenized, silky-soft moisturizer. It has plenty of healthy fats that assist your skin’s pH levels to retain more moisture.

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  1. Maranda (verified owner)

    This bar soap has a lovely fragrance that is not at all overwhelming like most “big box” brands. I purchased it for my boyfriend and he loves it.

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