Make-Up and Facial Cleansing Pads In Bag


Our herbal extracts and antibacterial tea tree oil are combined in our natural facial cleansing pads to gently remove dirt from pores especially those in greasy areas and significantly enhance the texture and clarity of your skin.

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Multi Use Reusable Facial Cleansing Pads: Great to use as a make-up removers cleaning pad, as toner pads to apply face toner, or simply in place of single-use organic cotton rounds or makeup remover towels. These makeup pads can be used over and over.

Love It or Let Us Know: We are so sure you will love this bundle of facial pads for the face.

Use With Make-Up Remover, Toner, Or Cleansing Balm: Regardless of how you remove your makeup, these facial pads are great face pads for toner, face cleansing pads to remove cleanser balm, or with your favorite liquid makeup remover.

Ultra Soft & Removes Everything: These microfiber reusable makeup remover cloths are incredibly soft & gentle. They erase your face of all makeup and are even an eye makeup remover. These face cleansing pads are a must for all makeup-wearing women.


  • Non-abrasive and suitable for all skin types.
  • Good for many washes, with proper care.
  • Anti-bacterial and fast drying.
  • Polyester and polyamide, microfiber blend.
  • To clean: wash with soap and water and allow to air dry.

Stop throwing disposable cosmetic wipes into the trash! These reusable, machine-washable, and very soft face washing pads are eco-friendly. They are ideal for gently assisting you to wash away perspiration, oils, makeup, and grime from the course of your day. For several washings, the rounds maintain their strength. You can simply wash them away by placing them in their cotton washing bag. Clean skin has a healthy glow. Your golden ticket is in these cleaning pads. Before you begin your whole skincare routine, use them since they are constructed of small fibres that gently catch debris, makeup, and pollutants. Each cloth will work efficiently and without abrasion for up to several washes if used properly.

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