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Our soap pouch offers a healthy alternative for creating a stimulating lather and scrub. Simply place a bar of soap or any remaining little pieces of soap in the pouch, tightly close the pouch by pulling the drawstring, and begin to lather.

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Our soap pouch is a natural way to get an invigorating scrub and lather!
Just insert your bar of soap or leftover small soap pieces into the pouch, secure it closed with the drawstring, and lather up. Replace plastic loofahs once and for all while utilizing every last bit of your natural soap bars. Use it to stash soap bits or use it to store your full bars too. The pouch is a great lather booster for those who prefer to wash with the bar in-hand. The pouch allows your soap bar to breathe, so it can dry out effectively. The hand-printed fabric is organic cotton, stain resistant, waterproof only eco-friendly treatment, PVC free, and easy to clean.


  • Allows your soap to dry between uses which extend the life of your handmade soap
  • No more goop in the shower
  • Awesome at Exfoliation
  • Keep the germs away
  • Less waste
  • All Natural.
  • Compostable when it wears out
  • Plastic free
  • Zero waste
  • Made with organic plant-based fibres


  • A unique experience, perfect for the Bath, Shower, household cleaning, decorating, and gifts.
  • A great way to save those tiny soaps from washing down the sink! Natural fibers are an eco-friendly, sustainable way that allows you to protect our planet, far superior to plastic mesh.
  • Three different levels of exfoliation in different soap sacks allow you to use rougher fibers to exfoliate feet and more gentle fibers for exfoliating your body.


Hang your soap pouch in the shower to dry after each use. In between soap bars, wash in the washing machine to sanitize. Replace as needed. The hanging plastic pouf in the shower has to be removed.

The evidence that these bathroom accessories are bad for our skin is growing. The answer is a zero-waste soap-saving pouch. The soap bar’s lifespan is extended by it. It’s a hygienic method of keeping soap. The contrast in the soap dish-style bacteria thunder dome. It also serves as a skin-smoothing exfoliating surface.

Its use of natural bristles, which may be composted as it becomes worn out, is its best feature.

1 review for Soap Pouch

  1. Maranda (verified owner)

    I love buying handmade soaps but I haven’t had much luck finding quality pouches for them. This pouch has been amazing! Great for exfoliation without being too harsh on the skin and the fibers don’t come loose.

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