Spa Gift Set In A Bamboo Basket


When you can’t send someone on a tropical getaway, send the tropical getaway to them. With our spa gift set let them have the much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

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This spa gift set is perfect for introducing your loved ones to an all-natural and nourishing skincare routine. Rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Our spa gift set consists of:

  • Flax sponge
  • Tulle sponge
  • Nail brush
  • Loofah cucumber
  • Cellulite brush

Flax Sponge:

A soft flax sponge with your natural skin care products for mild exfoliation in the bath. These brownish, flax sponges look great in spa gift baskets.

Tulle sponge:

This tulle sponge gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin while showering and bathing, without irritating the skin.

Nail brush:

Got to adore this bamboo nail brush with sisal bristles made from plants. You should clean the grime and oil off those nails after a day of mechanical or gardening labour. This natural, two-sided nail brush is convenient and fashioned from agave and bamboo, two non-toxic, long-lasting plants. Additionally, it means that when the time comes to replace this nail brush with a new one, it may be composted at home in your compost bin.


  • Double-sided nail brush
  • Stiff, natural bristles help to get your nails as clean as you need them to be!
  • Made from beechwood and natural sisal fibre bristles.
  • Packaging free!
  • Allow drying completely for a long lifespan
  • Can be composted at end of life

Loofah cucumber:

Our loofah is a naturally growing plant that forms the perfect luxury skincare sponge after drying. The natural fibers of the sponge work perfectly with your skin. Increase your blood circulation and remove dead and dry skin cells. It can effectively remove excess oil and dirt, promote blood circulation, and make sure your skin becomes rosy, smooth and shiny. Natural loofah can be used to clean pans, dishes and baking sheets, etc. They are also great for making loofah soaps in everyday use. You can cut it into pieces and make any DIY loofah soap as you like.

Cellulite brush:

Uncover the secret to softer skin with dry brushing has held incredible health benefits for centuries. From revealing softer skin to supporting lymph drainage to the removal of harsh toxins in your body, to blood circulation and cellulite reduction – the secret is out. This is the easy, affordable answer to your new healthy skin! Cellulite, see you later! Dry brushing helps break down cellulite and helps to reduce its appearance on your body. Use it as a cellulite brush, cellulite body scrub for thighs and butt, or cellulite massages and feel confident in your smoother, younger-looking skin

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