Straw Cleaning Brushes – Natural Coconut or Grass Fibre


With our straw cleaning brushes make cleaning your reusable straws a piece of cake. Its bristles are strong and durable and are best for cleaning the insides of the straws effectively.

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Our straw cleaning brushes are designed to clean hard-to-reach areas. The soft bristles are attached to a helically wound stainless steel shaft, making it strong, and chemically resistant.

  • Flexible stainless-steel handle with bristles to help scrub inside both straight and bent straws
  • Natural fills such as bristle are less likely to be affected by solvents than are synthetics
  • Hanging loop allows you to keep this conveniently in reach
  • Dishwasher safe

Pick up our reusable straw cleaning brush to complete your reusable straw kit.

The majority of cleaning tools are made of nylon or other materials derived from petroleum. Not our own. We use resources made from organic plants that are usually manually gathered from cactus plant leaves in a sustainable manner. Compared to many other fibers, the plant is tougher and more resilient. The set hangs to keep clean and dry, and the ergonomic handles and no-scratch bristles make using them a delight.

Ensure your reusable straws are clean and sanitary with this stainless-steel straw cleaning brush. Equipped with durable bristles, this cleaning brush for reusable straws is able to effortlessly reach all of the hard-to-clean places in your glass, silicone, or stainless-steel straws! The high-quality stainless-steel handle enables reliable and easy-to-control use, while the firm bristles easily collect and remove debris from your straws. The bristles of the straw won’t come loose and fall out, and they are capable of cleaning inside both straight and bent straws. As a bonus, the hanging loop allows you to keep this tool in reach for convenient access whenever you need it.

Care Instructions:

Your straw brush can be given new life with the aid of your dishwasher. Simply place these horizontally on the top rack or with your silverware for a quick freshening and thorough cleaning.

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