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Our eco-friendly safety razors are preciously engineered to provide a great and smooth shaving experience. Each viable safety razor has a textured grip and extra long handle, perfectly composed for shaving hard-to-reach areas.

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The Phoenix Refillery’s safety Razor offers a fine-engraved handle to help allow for a better grip while delivering a clean, smooth shave on any body part. Offers many features that combine function as well as style, such as:

  • Finely engraved handle helps allow for a better grip for a clean, smooth shave
  • Resists rust in a wet environment
  • Twist top releases plate to load blade
  • Can be used by any gender
  • Appropriate for anyone and for shaving anywhere
  • Reliable and long-lasting structure

The open head design brushes your beard before it touches the blade making the cleaner cut on the first round. Open tooth head allows more shaving soap to stay on your skin increasing the smoothness of shaving and protection. Perfect choice for people with a thick beard who doesn’t shave often as well as for wet shavers who are looking for a more aggressive grooming tool.

Since good things stay the longest, safety razors, which have been around for generations, also do. Simple-designed, simple-to-use safety razors continue to keep their footing despite the advancement of plastic disposable razor technology.

Due to the heavier substance and straightforward design, double-edge blades offer better shaving and last longer than disposable blades. Plastic trash from disposable razors is being added to landfills. They also have poor shaving skills. They cause skin irritation, which forces you to purchase extra after-shave creams to repair the harm.

Care instructions

Dry after use. Never wipe the blade along its edge.

Recycle the blades

Collect in an envelope and recycle in a blue recycling trash bin OR send the razor blades back to us (even if you bought them somewhere else), we will recycle them for you

It is weighted perfectly for a flawless shave and will provide you with many years of clean shaves without adding unnecessary plastic waste.

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