Zero Waste Bamboo Brush


Finally, a bamboo brush with bristles made of organic material that is fully eco-friendly. For individuals who desire a completely earth-based product to complement their waste-free and ecological way of life

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Our bamboo brush is eco-friendly as well as great for the hair. Plastic and Metal brushes are rough on both your hair and especially the scalp. Bamboo brushes are soft and polished and will have a much softer feel than a plastic brushes. If you have sensitive skin, you should really have one.

The wooden brushes also prevent your hair from drying out because they will help distribute the natural oil from your scalp to your hair. The sebum produced on the scalp is distributed throughout the whole length of your hair which will prevent your scalp from getting greasy.

The most commonly known reason is NO STATIC!!! Unlike a plastic brush bamboo brush do not produce static or SNAP your hair. The wood’s properties will not conduct electricity the way plastic brush does. Static is one of the leading causes of hair damage.

Long Hair Benefits… Much like our boar brushes we make our bamboo brushes are very beneficial to folks with long hair because it will evenly distribute the oils and will give your mane a much shinier, even and lustrous look.

Naturally Detangle… Bamboo brush will not snap and snag your hair and will work to naturally detangle your hair without chemicals. Fights Dandruff, this is another little-known fact that most people don’t realize about bamboo brush. If you suffer from bouts of dandruff or dry scalp, consider combing your hair more often with a wooden comb.

IT’S GREEN!!! What’s more green than natural wood? Our brushes are made from a variety of woods so see the title for the beginning description to see what kinds of wood is offered. All our wood is sourced from environmentally friendly sources and most times we make the brush out of a company’s “waste” pile so what’s more eco-friendly than that?

Bamboo brush comes in many styles, and we offer quite a wide array from fine-toothed to wide tooth to pocket size to rather large. All brushes are made of pure bamboo, and you will see natural textures, knots, colors, etc.

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