Zero Waste Starter Set


Our zero-waste starter set includes single ply unpaper towels, double ply unpapers towels, cloth wipes, and facial rounds unpaper towels all made up of sustainable materials.

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For those who aren’t quite ready to enter the world of reusables, this set is ideal. To help you acquire a feel for sustainability, this starting kit includes a balanced mixture of cloth wipes, face rounds, and unpaper towels.

The perfect opportunity to try some Zero Waste Starter Set in every size!

  • Want to try out some of our reusables in each size? This zero-waste starter set is for you!
  • Includes:2 Single Ply Unpaper Towels 1 Double Ply Unpaper Towel 6 Cloth Wipes 4 Facial Rounds UNPAPER
  • TOWELS Perfect for wiping messy hands and faces after meals -spill clean-up -washing and drying dishes -meal time napkins -lint-free cleaning and dusting
  • CLOTH WIPES Perfect for runny noses -bath-time -toilet paper -napkins, kids lunch boxes -camping -removing make-up
  • FACIAL ROUNDS Perfect forremoving make-up -applying toner -to wash and exfoliate the face Photos are to show examples only, our prints change regularly but they are always exciting! Fabric content: 100% cotton Care instruction: Machine wash. Handmade in Ontario, Canada.

Unpaper Towels are excellent for use as mealtime napkins, spill cleanup towels, dishwashing and drying towels, splatter shields in the microwave, and lint-free cleaning and dusting materials. made of flannel that is entirely cotton. Each unpaper towel is 12″ × 10″ for 1 ply and 10″ x 10″ for 2 ply. For durability and to stop fraying, edges are surged.

Runny noses, bath time, toilet paper, napkins, camping, and removing makeup are all great uses for cloth wipes! Size: 8″ x 8″, made of 100% cotton flannel. Fits well in a warmer or tub for wipes.

Face washing, exfoliating, and applying toner are all excellent uses for facial rounds. Little ones can use the pads to wipe their faces after brushing their teeth because of their ideal size. made of flannel that is entirely cotton. Each pad has 2 plies and a diameter of around 3″. For durability and to stop fraying, edges are surged.

The ideal way to start of your morning with this amazing zero waste starter set. Gives the ultimate comfort while wiping it on the skin.

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