My children never cease to amaze me. Phoenix’s Refillery is the manifestation of my 17-year-old daughter’s desire to find a way to fund her college education and dreams of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Phoenix found the concept of a zero waste store inspiring and after visiting Idaho twice in one year, wanted to contribute to solutions that would aid in the preservation of the nation. She started showing interest in reducing waste and changing household product use in late-2018.

Phoenix, named after the X-Men character Jean Grey’s alter ego, liked using her name as part of the store title. Phoenixes are known for their ability to rise from the ashes with beauty and strength. Phoenix sees efforts to recycle, reuse, repurpose, and refill as a valuable way to help nature rise from the ashes of the pollution and waste consumption put into the environment every day. Understanding that one person alone cannot make a major impact, the goal is to provide accessible and affordable solutions for many to reduce waste put into the environment. Through the store, Phoenix has a vision of educating, sustaining, and improving local consumers’ sustainable lifestyles. We understand the frustration and cost that comes with wanting to live a sustainable lifestyle and feel as though it is not cost effective. Fourteen years ago, we learned to reshape our diets to support our oldest son who has Celiac Disease. Not only was removing gluten from our diet a life lesson but challenging in a family of six.

Since learning more about zero living and our zero waste store desire to reduce waste in the house, we are facing a new kind of challenge. This time it includes learning new habits, finding affordable products to replace wasteful items, and finding products that support refillable purchasing. In instances of beauty products and hair care, this is not so easy for Phoenix. She hopes one of the key things she can accomplish with the store is to drive change in consumer and manufacturer behaviors.

The goal for Phoenix’s Refillery is that our customers feel:
  • They can RECLAIM their lives with easily accessible, affordable products that save them time, energy, and reduces their waste.
  • Their purchases contribute to the REGROWTH of the atmosphere.
  • The experience and cumulative effect of decreasing waste brings a new lease on nature and RECOMMENCES the beauty and health of the world around us.